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OK I think the show really got cancelled, which makes me really mad because good TV shows are always cancelled! I can't beleive that they cancelled it. OH my gosdfjksah! I have to calm down, but I can't, it just makes me so mad of what is happening to television and all its wonders. It's all about sex and stupid stuff like that. Let's see: Desperate Housewives, Sex in the city, all of MTV shows,hmmm. I'm not saying that those are bad TV Shows, but TV is targeting sex more than actual reality. FX said they won't broadcast it because of the ratings it got. That is BS! If they didn't show BASEBALL then MAYBE more people would have watched it. They could have advertised it more like they do with f*ing NipTuck. I would like to see these "ratings". I just hope that they broadcast it on a different network than FX because I won't watch FX shows anymore. Actually I never did before, but I won't now that it's gone. UHH this makes me soo mad! Sorry guys I am angry! OK Im out

Here's something that I read:

"In explaining the cancellation FX chief John Landgraf takes pains to note that the "beautifully produced, acted, written and directed" show was axed solely due to the realities of the TV business, not for any creative reasons." (yeah beautifully written, produced, acted, and directed\.. THEN WHY ARE YOU CANCELLING IT!!)

"That decision was motivated entirely by 'Over There's' ratings performance and our belief that the numbers were reflective of what the show is about, rather than its quality or entertainment value," Landgraf says. "While are passionately committed to fostering great television, we are an advertiser-supported network, and the size of our audience is vital to our bottom line."
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