Lapus (absinthechilde) wrote in over__there,

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Miss Over There

Just feel so totally bummed out. Tomorrow night No. 29th the last episode plays here in Ont. Canada at 9Pm.
Still can't believe they cancelled it! Why is it always the great shows they dump? Makes no sense to me.
Hows every one out there doing any way? You all like me, trying to deal with Over There withdrawl?
Later days,
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yes. but it's like the 3rd good show to get cancelled this year. there's also Carnivale and The Shield.
Seriously sucks a** doesn't it?!
Gods I wish the idiots in charge of deciding these things had some brains.
Later days,
i know how you feel. like, i still cannot believe it. that show had such strong staying power. :-(
I'm still crying in my tea *sigh*
OT fast became my favourite show. Kills me were not getting any new episodes. All because FX is playing the *numbers* game like all the other idiot networks *fume*
Later days,
Holy shit I had no idea it was canceled. No idea. This is a blow. ... does anyone know why it was canceled? Too controversial or something or too little viewers?
I had read before it even came out that they planned on having it be an independent mini-series and they never planned on making more than 13 episodes or so. It wasn't canceled, they just reached the end of the run.
Oh, okay then. I didn't know that. That makes me feel alot better actually, thanks :)